Should My Business be Listed on TripAdvisor?

|Should My Business be Listed on TripAdvisor?

You might be asking yourself….
Does my business need to be listed on TripAdvisor?

If your business

  • is any type of lodging: a hotel, vacation rental, bed and breakfast, inn.
  • offers any type of food: a restaurant, a pub, a bar and grill, a food truck
  • is an attraction: a show, a landmark, an event venue, an antique mall, a sight seeing or tour company, a museum or historic location… really anything a tourist or local would like to do, see or enjoy!

My short answer is… Yes…

But you might have to ask yourself a few more questions to come to that conclusion.

Do I want people to come to my store front? Do I want people to visit?

Why Should my business be listed on TripAdvisor?

#1 – Completely FREE listing!!! – you can’t beat free!!!

#2 – Reach millions of potential customers & is influential. –  More than 60 million consumers each month research their travel purchases using TripAdvisor.  Travelers put their trust in consistent feedback given by other travelers, instead of a paid message from an advertiser.

#3 – Helps with SEO – Appear on the top of travel sites on the Web.  The TripAdvisor listing has a link your your website!

 TripAdvisor is FREE Word of Mouth marketing. The most trusted form of advertising; FREE transparent tool for your customers to rate and review your business. TripAdvisor is an unbiased platform where customers can do research and use their decision-making process. FREE, link into your website.

Reviews?  How to get great ones!

It is pretty simple.  Hire people who are exceptional with customer service, who are people pleasers, who love to be of service and are well coached! Have an exceptional scottsdale product or service.  Request that your guest put reviews on TripAdvisor, and in turn your business will receive Great Reviews.

People today read reviews prior to planning a trip, they also write reviews both good and bad to share with other travelers their experience.  Not all guests will write a review but it has been shown that people are more likely to write a positive review than a negative one. So, makur employees to make guest happy and

ensure your guests experience “Good Reviews”.

  • Do I have the Best Employees?

  • Do I Offer and Exceptional Product or Service?

  • Does my Business Have a List on TripAdvisor?

  • Have I managed my Business TripAdvisor Listing?

  • Do I have Good Reviews or Bad Reviews?

  • Am I Checking the Reviews and Making Changes where Needed?

So, you have decided that your business should be listed on TripAdvisor

Set up a TripAdvisor Listing.  Logon to, select your business type, and follow the instructions on the TripAdvisor site.
Below are links for each business type to help you get started.

If you don’t have time or need assistance setting up an account, we can help!  Just call or email us and we will get you a quick custom quote specific for you business to set up a listing for your business.

If you are looking for additional marketing support, contact us today for a free 30 Minute Consultation.

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