How to Earn Customers

|How to Earn Customers

Who is My Target Audience / Ideal Customer?

Truly ask this question and answer it well…

How do you go about doing this?

First you should create your ideal customers profile.  Ask yourself.  Who are the people that are most likely to buy your products or services.  Note any shared qualities and characteristics.  After you determine your ideal customers profile, you should conduct market research.

What is Market Research? -Where you learn about your ideal customer.  How do you do this?  There is both primary and secondary research.  Primary research studies your ideal customers directly, whereas secondary research studies information others gathered about customers.

Examples of primary research might be telephone interviews or online polls of the target ideal customer group. You can also study your own sales records to gather primary research.

Whereas secondary research might come from reports found on other organizations or blogs written about the industry.

When determining and researching your ideal customer, you need to also understand their pain points.  Your product or service should solve a problem for your ideal customer.

Who are your customers?  Where do they buy? Why do they buy? – Make sure to know the answer to these three questions!

Are My Target Customers Online?  If so, Where?

WHERE are they online?
To determine where you target audience is online you must do gather data. Determine where your target audience is and measure what works.  Test your marketing, optimize your marketing, and re-engage.  Use analytics.

To engage your customers, your business should rank in local search, optimize social media, and directory listings. You must write content that is interesting and useful to your customers (blog). Also, customer reviews is crucial.  Today, peers drive our buying decision making.

If customers go to your website or landing page, you must get emails from those website visitors & put them on a segmented retargeting list, and create an automated sales funnel.  This sales funnel will help to ensure your customers are re-engaged and sales funnels also increase purchase frequency and order value.

Who is My Competition?

Determine your competition by searching keywords for your business online and check out your competitions website, social media, and online presence.  Find out what is working for your competitors and use those strategies, but take them up a notch and improve upon them.

  • Who is My Target Audience / Ideal Customer?

  • Are They Online? Where?

  • Who is My Competition?

  • Strategy to Out Perform My Competition.

How do you Out Perform Your Competition?

I recommend using the 4 Steps to Marketing Approach

  1. USP – Unique Selling Point
  2. Platforms & Offers
  3. Marketing Arsenal
  4. Marketing Automation

Check out our Book “The Four Step Marketing Blueprint” to learn more.

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